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Our Menu
Fresh shrimp roll
A1.Spring Roll (Gỏi Cuốn)
Shrimp &Pork wrapped in Rice Paper w/ Lettuce, Noodle and Bean Sprouts Served w/ Peanut Sauce
Organice ToFu Roll
A2. Organice ToFu Roll
wrapped in rice paper w/ lettuce, noodle and bean sprout served w/ peanut sauce
Egg Roll
A3. Egg Roll (Chả giò)
filled w/ chicken, pork, onion, carrot, mushroom and noodle served w/ lime chili fish sauce
Vietnamese Salad
A4. Vietnamese Salad
pork, shrim, celery, carrot, lettuce, basil, peanut, dry onion w/ lemon dressing
Vietnamese Sandwich (Bánh Mì)
(all come w/ lettuce, cucumber, pickle carrot & daikon, jalepeno, cilantro and homemade mayo)
BM1. Combination -Vietnamese ham, BBQ pork, pate (Thịt nguội)
BM2. Chicken (Gà)
BM3. Pork (Heo)
BM4. Vegetarian (tofu)
Vegetarian (Đồ Chay)
Tofu w/ Lemongrass
V1. Tofu w/ Lemongrass (spicy, carrot, onion, bell pepper served w/ steam rice or vermicelli)
Tofu w/ Mixed Vegetables
V2. Tofu w/ Mixed Vegetables (served w/rice)
Tofu w/ Fried Rice
V3. Tofu w/ Fried Rice
Rice Noodle Soup
V4. Tofu and Mixed Vegetables
served w/ rice noodle in broth
Vietnamese Sir Fried Noodle
V5. Vietnamese Stir Fried Noodle
Tofu, Celery, Carrots & Bean Sprouts
Beef Noodle Soup – Phở Bò
all soup served w/bean sprout, basil, lime, onion, jalepeno, hot chili and hoisin sauce
Race Slice Steak
PB1. Race Slice Steak (Phở Tái)
Well Done
PB2. Well Done (Phở Chín)
PB3. Brisket (Phở Nạm)
PB4. Tendon (Gân Nạm)
Beef Tripe
PB5. Beef Tripe (Phở Sach)
PB6. Beef Ball (Bò viên)
PB8. Tofu Pho (Phở Đậu Hủ)
PB9. Shrimp (Phở Tôm)
PB10. Vegetable (Phở Rau)
PB13. Extra Meat or Beef Ball
PB14. Extra Rare Steak
PB15. Extra Noodle
PDC. Combination
well done, rare slice steak, tendon, tripe, beef ball and brisket
PC. Pho Chicken
Other Soup
MT Shrimp Soup
rice noodle served in chicken broth
M. rice noodle served in chicken broth
BBH. Hue Style Vermicelli Soup
slice beef, pork and Vietnamese ham in spicy beef broth)
Stir Fried(Món Xào)
*Served w/ Rice or Vermecilli
Chicken & Lemongrass
CGXO. Lemongrass Chicken(Gà Xào Sả Ớt)
Slices of Chicken Breast, carrot, onion, bell pepper and spicy
Chicken & Broccoli
CGB. Chicken Broccoli w/ Carrot and Onion (Gà Xào Bông Cải)
Slices of Chicken Breast, Sauteed with Broccoli
Chicken & Vegetable
CGRC. Chicken w/ Mix Vegetable (Gà Xào Thập Cẩm)
Vietnamese Style Stir Fried Noodle
MXG. Vietnamese stir fried noodle
style w/ chicken
Fried Rice
CC. Fried Rice (Chicken Or Pork)
Special Fried Rice
CCTC. Special Fried Rice
w/ BBQ Pork, Shrimp, & Pineapple
Beef & Lemongrass
CBXO. Lemongrass Beef
Slices of Beef, carrot, onion, and bell pepper and spicy
Chicken Fried Rice
CCGM. Chicken Fried Rice w/ Slated Fish
B1. Soda (Free Refills / Dine In Only)
Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke , Mello Yellow, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweet)
B2. Hot Tea (Organic Green Tea/Jasmin)
B3. Vietnamese Ice/Hot Coffee
with Condensed Milk
B4. Fresh Lemonade
bottle Water
B5. Bottle Water
bottle Water
B6. Beer
bottle Water
B7. Imported Beer
bottle Water
B8. Red Wines
Special Combinations / Phở Đặc Biệt
All Soups Deliveries are Size Large Only
special 1
(Lg Only)
PDB. Well done Brisket, Raw Slice Beef, Tendon, Tripe, Beef Ball
Shrimp Egg Noodle Soup
(Lg Only)
MT. Shrimp Egg Noodle Soup
egg noodle, rice
M. Egg Noodle or Rice Noodle (Hủ tiếu mì) Served w/ Bean Sprouts & Sate Sauce
Choice of Chicken, Pork, or Beef Ball
Hue Style Vermecilli
BBH. Hue Style Vermecilli (Bún bò Huế)
Slices of Beef, Pork, Vietnamese Ham in Spicy Beef Broth Soup
Crispy Noodle
MXD. Crispy Noodle – Mì xào giòn Tôm Thịt
Chicken Meat
$8 - $9
PC1. Chicken Meat/ Phở Thịt Gà
Chicken liver
$8 - $9
PC2. Chicken Meat, Chicken liver, Chicken Gizzard/ Phở lòng gà
Smoothies Boba
All Smoothies Come with or without Boba (Tapioca Pearls)
Smoothies Boba
Milk Tea
Thai Tea
Green Tea
Green Apple