We also do catering and host parties, just call us and let us know 1 week in advance
Review us on:
Spenser Rubin
The service leaves something to be desired, but I keep coming back for the awesome food. Only go if you have plenty of time and are patient
Fred Matt
Very filling 10 dollar large bowl of raw steak bowl. Appetizer shrimp roll with peanut sauce was very good. Fast service.
Omar Hu
Perfect place. Lovely environment, food is brought out almost instantly, and always delicious!
david moton
My wife loves this place. Very good food at a good place. Don't let the outside fool you.
ashley southard
Delicious, AMAZING flavor (no need to add dried chili peppers or anything else), and great portions! You must get the Pork Bahn Mi and dip it into the small chicken pho. YUMMM I ate there an hour ago and planning when I can go back and bring my husband!! As Guy Fieri would say its DYNAMITE.!!
Allen Lyons
Really good pho. Similar pricing to other pho places in the area. This is a great place to sit down for a meal, or order takeout and have a nice warm bowl of soup at home. The server was really nice. This place rocks!
Terrence erkerd
Great food and great service! Love the boba tea! Blueberry and mango are my favorites!
Selene Orozco
Awesome place to eat pho 🍲. My favorite is PB1 . Great customer service
Amanda Ford
Their food is so authentic!
You can tell it's made fresh in their kitchens.
It competes with the homemade Vietnamese food from home!
Abigail Krems
I absolutely love the beef stew pho. The service was great. I recommend it to everyone :)
Keita Ikeda
True to the taste. Thank you!
Jason Nienow
Rare steak, PB1, for me. Delicious and worth coming to.
Antonio G.
Durham, NC
Food is amazing here. I love the fact the owner knows my name and knows what my favorite dish is. I guess thats because i'm a regular.
Tristina H
Holly Springs, NC
This restaurant is solely responsible with my obsession with pork Banh mi's. When I say obsessed, I mean...for the past 3 months I've been here 1-2x a week to grab one. It is to DIE for! I've had several things here and they have all been good, including the fruit smoothies, Vietnamese coffee, veggie pho, egg rolls, and pork salad (I think that's what it is called).
I saw some reviews saying that the people where rude, so I was cautious and a little aware of that on the first visit. But, from the beginning, everyone was very hospitable and nice! Everyone! And Of course by now, they know me by face, so they are very very kind.
I've tried Banh Mi's from a couple other places, but so far, this one is the BEST!
Alice D.
Durham, NC
Very happy this place opened. Durham is in need of some serious Vietnamese food, and this place is top-notch. Delicious pho, cha goi, and bahn mi. Much better than a place in Chapel Hill that we used to go to (and a much more reasonable price). Lots of craft beer options, as well as sake and wine. We'll be back soon!
Daniel P.
Morrisville, NC
This is a fantastic lunch restaurant. Quick service and delicious food. I got a sandwich with pork that was sweet and delicious. The sandwich also had the freshest, crispest vegetables I've ever had. Awesome!
Jocelyn K.
I am so surprised that I actually found a decent place for pho in Durham. I had to travel down to Durham with a full-blown cold...stuffy nose, sore throat, cough.This pho was much needed. The restaurant is really large with plenty of seating. When we went around 5:30pm, nobody else was there. A person will come take your order and you go up to the cash register to pay at the end.
got the small bowl for $8 and paid an extra $2 to get both tripe and tendon. I like how you have the option to choose specifically the meat you want. Usually I just want the tendon and tripe, but pho places give very little of it and give way too much brisket instead. They gave an acceptable amount of tendon and the broth had a decent amount of flavor. The small bowl was portioned nicely for me. I had to eat a snack afterwards, but at least I wasn't uncomfortably stuffed. The restaurant itself looks bare bones, but it would satisfy a pho craving. If I lived in the area, I would come back.
clay h.
Durham, NC
Short version: I'll give it a 3.5, round up to 4. We'll be back! We were jonesing for some pho, and decided to try this place (based on Yelp reviews, of course!), even though it was a little further from our house than a couple other places. NOTE: we have not tried any other pho in the area, so I can't say how this place stacks up against others locally. Therefore, I'm (perhaps unfairly) going to primarily compare it to a) excellent pho places in Denver, where I used to live, and to b) pho actually eaten in Vietnam. (Like I said, perhaps a bit unfair.) That said, I will also try to take into account the general shortage of truly excellent Asian restaurants around, and not judge this place too harshly. Given all that, overall, it was probably a 3.5 but I'll round up to 4, because the woman working there was so darn friendly. (Granted, we were the only diners in the restaurant after the after-work dinner rush died down.) Definitely solid food, but not outstanding enough for 5. We'll be back! Vegetarian rice noodle soup was chock full of vegetables, with a nice salty broth. I heard a positive review of my dining partner's beef tendon pho, and it appeared to have a good-sized portion of meat in it. I tried the broth, and it was fairly flavorful.
Ron W.
Raleigh, NC
As a Viet-nut, I'll travel far and wide for Vietnamese eats so count me as surprised when I found a SECOND VN restaurant right near my office. Bowl of Pho is just a couple of blocks down from Pho 9n9 but is a totally different experience, here's why. Located in a free-standing building, Bowl of Pho has a slightly more modern, decorated feel to the dining room which is long and narrow. Beer/wine specials on a board (woo-hoo!) and the usual menu of pho, banh mi and apps. I've tried their bun bo hue and pho, it's solid but the broth may not be quite as flavorful as Pho 9n9. Service is super-quick and nice, you can get out in 30 minutes for lunch. So if you're in the hood and want to try something different for Vietnamese, give Bowl of Pho a whirl. It's pretty similar to Pho 9n9 but less popular. You'll find very similar food here and some of the dishes may be better but I'd still have to give Pho 9n9 the edge in flavor and selection.
Dancing F.
Cascade, VA
It's delicious and we stop whenever we pass in the area. The service is good, not great but the food makes up for it.
Mel T.
Durham, NC
I'm always pleased with there customer service and Awesome Pho.. My favorite is the Brisket Pho
Jason N.
Raleigh, NC
Had PB1, rare steak pho and loved it. The place itself is an older building with no thrills but I will definitely return because the PHO was great!!!
Amanda B.
Carrboro, NC
The staff was fantastic, food was great. I had pho, the added all the ingredients for you. Which I would rather do. It was still good though
Carla M.
Apex, NC
Fabulous food. Got a PHO and Lemongrass Chicken. Delightful waitstaff. Quick service. We will definitely be back.
Mikey B.
Raleigh, NC
Did a little Durham food exploration for din last night and I could not be happier that I gave #BowlofPho. Ladies n Gents, let me declare the winner of the best Freaking Pad Thai. And #PB1 was insane too. So, be like me and go explore. #durhameats #phosho #bullcitybaby #yelp #yelpit
Sinath C.
Pearl City, HI
You know a bowl of pho is good when you don't need any condiments. Yes, its been awhile since I've found such a place! I didn't want to ruin the flavor so one squirt of hoisin and siracha and the bowl was emptied. 11 bucks is a liitle steep for pho and an okay pork sandwich almost lost a star but couldn't stop thinking about the broth. Yelp, please allow 1/2 star ratings.
Holly R.
Charlotte, NC
Since the BF is always on the hunt for the perfect bowl of pho we decided to try this place for dinner while in town for work. Driving up the place looked shabby but we figured we'd give it a try. The inside was the usual look of a mom and pop Vietnamese restaurant (lots of houseplants, random table with a bunch of old newspapers and magazines lol). Surprisingly they serve a variety beer and wine which is nice. He had the pho which he said was good, I had the shrimp pad thai which was gamble at a Vietnamese restaurant but I really liked it. The best part of dinner was the egg rolls though. The order comes with two. They looked and tasted homemade and we filled with meat and veggies, I highly recommend them!
Erica B.
New York, NY
I have been to both PhoN9N and Bowl of Pho, and I personally enjoy the Pho from Bowl of Pho a lot better! The broth is more tasty, and this place has got more to offer. Such as Pai Thai noodles. Their lunch prices are a bit higher than usual Thai restaurants, but the pai thai I ordered was quite tasty.
Nidia S.
Durham, NC
Egg rolls and pho! Great place! Don't let the outside look of the rest fool you! Delicious food!
Jason R.
Chapel Hill, NC
I've been here a few times now for lunch when I'm craving a nice hot bowl of pho. I will say that most of the Vietnamese food in the area is not all that spectacular in general but this is one of the better ones. Service is good and staff is super friendly. If you're feeling something spicy, the beef stew with ham and pork is yummy.
Mario K.
Morrisville, NC
Stumbled on this place while I was heading to a nearby BBQ joint and opted for Vietnamese instead. Ordered a pork Banh Mi and a combination Pho to go, with a Vietnamese iced coffee while I waited. The staff was nice enough but not terribly talkative. I initially screwed up my iced coffee by not stirring the condensed milk in with the hot drip coffee before pouring it over the ice. I probably should have know that, but some brief guidance from waiter wouldn't have hurt. Got my food, paid and got home to enjoyed a nice, moist, and well-proportioned Banh Mi that rivals any others I've had. Was somewhat dismayed to find that about half of the Pho broth dripped into the plastic food bag (and thankfully not all over the car seat). Looks like the container had a small hole in the bottom and was leaking the entire ride home. Regardless, what I salvaged was very good with solid flavors, a decent (perhaps a little small) portion. Would definitely repeat. I'd give this place a 3 for ambiance, a 3 for service and a 4 for the food.
Teddi M.
Durham, NC
Soo authentic !! Amazing and the owners are super sweet. If it was closer to where I live, I'd probably go once a week! The pho is large and flavorful...appetizers are always fresh and hot as well. Highly recommended
Erin G.
Durham, NC
The food was full of so much flavor. My six year son loved the pad thai with chicken. We definitely visit again.
Bob S.
O'Fallon, IL
My first Vietnamese food and I loved it. The pho was delicious. There are some complex flavors in the broth. The service was very fast and the restaurant was comfortable and airy. I recommend!
Brittany P.
Raleigh, NC
Disclaimer: I've only had their takeout so far. I love spicy food, and did I ever get it. I had a soup, although I'm not quite sure which because I didn't do the ordering. I was sick and my thoughtful fiance picked something for me. Whatever I had was great. There's a fantastic selection on their menu if you're feeling adventurous. I'm definitely planning on being a repeat customer!
Ryan B.
Durham, NC
Pho here is delicious! Thai Tea boba is even more of a must have.
Service is actually not bad (for vietnamese). The speed of the food delivery is subpar.

Skip the Thai food here. The Ban Mi and most other Thai dishes are fine, but not great. For Thai go to C&T Wok in Morrisville - see other review.

However, it is a place called Bowl of Pho, so I am rating based on Pho. The rare beef Pho has a good amount of spice.

If you are looking for Pho, this is your place.
Christina C.
Durham, NC
This place opened up right by our house and I would never have guessed in a million years it would be good. From the outside this place looks like it might give you food poisoning. I thought it was a trailer. But we had heard from friends (and yelp reviews) that it was actually good so we gave it a shot...and it was delicious! My husband had the pho and I tried the green curry. They have a pretty big Thai menu which surprised me since most of the reviews were for pho. I figured I'd give it a shot since I could taste test my husband's pho at the same time (and I love Thai food).

My husband and I agreed that the pho was very good but still not the best we've ever had. We are harsh critics tho since we love pho and come from CA where you never have to settle for sub-par Vietnamese food (or any ethnic food). The curry had great flavor as well - I loved the bamboo! It was a little more "soup" than I usually like it, but once I added the rice it was fine. The portions were huge too. I have to eat gluten free (celiac) but I don't have to worry much with this type of food. Pho is always gluten free and curry is most of the time too. I would only be wary with the pad Thai and other dishes where there might be soy sauce.

Don't come here expecting a great ambiance/decor or service. The servers were very nice but there's no frills whatsoever. Come for the pho and Thai food! We will definitely be back!
Rod O.
Raleigh, NC
Tastes better than it looks!

Pho had a Very Nice Flavor 4 stars

Pork BBQ was ok, maybe not A-OK

Lemongrass Beef was better than most of the ones I have eaten

Sandwich (NO Mayo please) was pretty Good! BIG!

The Following are extra Details that have NO Barring on my yelp star rating of this Business!
Francine F.
Philadelphia, PA
I've only recently become addicted to Vietnamese food (starting last year)- especially chicken pho. I've been to quite a few places but there was only one place that I really liked. Well, since moving, I needed to find a new pho supplier, and I have finally found it! I'm telling you, this place has some of the best pho that I've ever had, and it was more than reasonably priced!

The workers are also very nice- they didn't even charge me for my soda! (Maybe since I was a new customer? Still appreciated though!)

If you're looking for a place with fancy decor and diamond chandeliers on the ceiling- this place may not be for you. If you're looking for some damn good pho at awesome prices- look no further!
Antoine R.
Oxford, NC
Some of the best Pho I've had outside of The OC. You'll be completely satisfied and back for more.
Kerianne S.
Selden, NY
Very tasty smoothies and delicious pho specials. We got a chicken pho lunch special and a beef combo pho bowl and they are both well made and very tasty. They play top 40 radio at a nice volume, and the dining area is fairly quiet and cute looking. 100% recommend for a good bowl of pho.

The service was a bit inattentive, but the food more than makes up for it in my opinion.
Angie P.
Raleigh, NC
This spot is near my work & based on outward appearance, you could be forced to do a double take. For me, I took my chances on this particular day when it was about 20-some degrees out.

I ordered the traditional pho (can't recall the menu item, I want to say it was #1) & a coke. I kinda chuckled when she brought me out a can of coke & a glass with ice. I actually just drank the coke from the can since it was cold.

For lunchtime, the restaurant was empty. It was only me & one other customer. The spot was clean though & there's plenty of seating for groups.

I didn't wait but about five minutes & out came my huge bowl & plate of add-ins.

Hot & yummy, everything tastes amazing. The add-ins of basil, shoots, lemon wedge, & jalapeño, we're all fresh. The broth was delicious & the noodles were perfectly cooked.

Prices are very reasonable & they do have specials. Parking is not an issue. Friendly employees.
Bruce G.
Durham, NC
On a cold Winter night, I decided to give Bowl of Pho a try for take-out. I went with the small Pho with raw beef ($8) and egg rolls ($4 for 2). I was eager to get home quickly to try the Pho, so much so I think I was speeding.

I have to say the small size was plenty for me. I thought the broth was very flavorful, and the rice noodles, sprouts and other condiments were all plentiful. I was really pleased with the raw beef, as I have gotten this type of Pho at other local Vietnamese restaurants and the beef always lacked flavor or had a lot of fat and gristle (or both). Not here. The beef was a perfect amount in proportion and actually tasty.

You won't be wowed or impressed with either the exterior or the interior of B.O.P, but if it's all about the food (which it should be), then you will find this place to be a hidden gem.

I will be sure to re-visit for their bahn-mi sandwiches and also interestingly enough they have a Louisiana inspired menu as well including chicken wings, so I have those on my radar to try as well!
Michael A.
Durham, NC
I've eaten here twice so far and each time the food was delicious and the service was prompt and attentive. I've come on both a weekend and weekday night and have not had a problem getting a seat. The shrimp rolls are delicious and so far I've tried the Brisket and Beef Pho - which both were excellent choices. Fresh vegetables - tasty noodles - delicious broth. Pho has become a comfort food for me and I this is definitely the best Pho in Durham. I can't wait to return.
Lucas T.
Durham, NC
Best pho in Durham!!
The broth is very tasty, the noodles were perfect, not overcooked like some places. The side dish of bean sprouts, basil and lime were all super crisp and fresh. Very clean atmosphere. They have a ton of vegetarian options, so I'll definitely be bringing some of my vegetarian friends back here with me.

I'm really curious to see how their bahn mi are, hopefully as delicious as their pho!

Very friendly staff, my only negative remark is that I wish there had been some music playing when we were there. It was so quiet without some background music and I found that to make it feel a bit too sterile. But really, the pho is so good, that I can forgo some background music.
Jenna W.
Scottsdale, AZ
Chicken Pho was so flavorful and delicious. The shrimp and pork fried rice was great too. I usually dont like frozen boba drinks, but the thai tea was creamy and yummy! The owners are friendly and service was fast!
Elizabeth K.
Carrboro, NC
I'm not a pho connoisseur, I just like pho. But I really dislike when there are oil puddles floating on the soup. The pho here had some greasiness, but nowhere near as greasy as Pho Far East's. However, the broth is so yummy. I always used to add hoison sauce and a ton of sriracha. But all I needed was a spritz of lime juice, and it was the tastiest pho I've ever had.

There's also bubble/boba tea. Not as many flavors as Mo-Te, obviously, but you've got the basics. I enjoyed the avocado smoothie (no boba for me).
Since this place is new, it was a pleasant experience in the bright, cool colored, cleanliness. Service is very friendly, however, they disappear in the back when it's not that busy, so they never refilled my water. And after eating a bowl of pho, this girl was super thirsty.

I had a delicious bowl of pho here at Bowl of PHO. The broth won me over.
Zoe E.
Hillsborough, NC
If you're looking for pho, this is the best place I've found in the Triangle! I really enjoyed the clear, flavorful broth in the combination pho. The pho's sliced beef could have been a little rarer and would have liked a few more slices, but the tripe and tendon were clean and tender. The summer rolls were rather small, but they were fresh and had both the shrimp and the thin sliced pork. The place doesn't look like much from the outside and was converted from a Mexican joint, so the decor is rather minimalist. The service was friendly, and I would definitely go back to try their other pho specialties, banh mi, and boba tea!
Samantha L.
Durham, NC
It's been a long time since I've had a good bowl of pho, too long. Thank goodness this place is so close to my home.

There were about 4 couples total (including us) in the place on Saturday night. Service was quick, we ordered the fresh shrimp roll and egg roll to split, brisket pho and beef ball pho. Everything was as good as I remembered it being. Broth was flavorful, the egg rolls were a decent size and crispy, the shrimp roll was fresh and tasty.

The coke machine was not working when we were in and we had to flag down a staff member once for another soda. Really not an issue to me personally, but I can see some people having a problem with that. We definitely plan on visiting again, and again and again. A good bowl of pho is priceless and this place is the best pho I've had since moving to the area.
Laura S.
Raleigh, NC
Got some pho with rare beef and fresh shrimp rolls to go for lunch. Order was ready extremely quickly. Food was tasty. The restaurant atmosphere is casual and everything looked very clean. I will definitely be returning on another lunch hour.
Cathy N.
San Diego, CA
High quality Pho. If thats what you are looking for -- this is your joint.
Diane ..
Durham, NC
My friends and I were delighted with our meals of Pho that included tofu pho, brisket pho, and some kind of meat combo pho. The flavors were really great, and lucky for me, I have leftovers for lunch tomorrow! The service was very fast, and the décor of the restaurant is nice. Once the word gets out how good the food is, the people will come! Definitely give this restaurant a visit.
Christina G.
Durham, NC
Étouffée and fried chicken specials alongside pho ga and banh mi?! Yes.

Since Pho 9n9 lost favor with me on my last visit (their bun became so dumbed down, it didn't even resemble bun anymore; and the meat completely lacking in flavor), I wondered how brand new Bowl of Pho -- just down the street -- would stack up. I entered on the side, and was greeted by the man behind the counter who presented me with two separate menus -- Louisiana and Vietnam. Bizarrely interesting. There were even two chalkboards mounted on the wall behind him, one boasting creole specials, the other with Vietnamese fare.

They are friendly and fast. My to-go order was ready in under two minutes. I was a little disappointed by the menu, which lacked some of my favorite variations on Viet dishes. (Maybe they should drop the Louisiana menu so they can expand on their Vietnamese cuisine!) I wound up with the rare beef pho and beef lemongrass over vermicelli. Luckily when I arrived back to work, the broth was still hot enough to cook through the thin sliced raw steak when I combined the two. I was also provided with a nice dose of onions, mint, and sprouts (but just a few jalapeno slices). The broth was light, fragrant, and not overly oily. The vermicelli, on the other hand, disappointed. The beef seemed to be a lower quality. It came with shredded lettuce and carrots, but no crushed peanuts. Overall, I felt it just lacked some flavor dynamics. I received 10% off due to their grand opening; the food is pretty affordable, especially for the quantity you get. I would come here before 9n9, but Taste before either of those. Topping my list are Saigon Grill and Mo-Te.
James R.
Durham, NC
Not too shabby. My wife and I like Pho, so we hit this place up for lunch today....first go. Their Pho is pretty good. We always get the combo (steak, tendon, tripe etc.) The broth was decent and the ingredients were tasty and fresh. We both agreed that it was slightly better than our last Pho 9n9 bowl.

The best that I've had in NC is from Pho Super 9 off of capital blvd. in Raleigh. If you like Pho, or Vietnamese in general, you've got to give it a shot.