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Thai Menu
Vegetable Thai Rolls
T1.Thai Rolls
Vegetable wrapped in rice paper, dêp fried and served w/house sauce
Cambodian Rolls
T2. Cambodian Rolls
Chicken & vegetable mixed deep fried and served w/house sauce
T3. Gyozas
Chicken & vegetable, fried dumpling served w/house sauce
Crab Angels
T4. Crab Angels
Crab & cream cheese, fried dumpling w/house sauce
Tofu Chien
T5. Tofu Chien
Deep-fried tofy topped w/ peanuts - served w/ sweet and sour.
Chicken Satay
T6. Chicken Satay
Chicken marinated w/ blend of house spices, served w/ peanut sauce
Tom Yum
Tom Yum
Hot & sour + lemongrass.
Tom Kha
Tom Kha
Hot & sour + lemongrass + coconut milk.
papaya salad
S1. Papaya Salad
Thinly sliced fresh papaya and carrots w/green beans, tomatoes and dried shrimp , served w/sweet and sour hot and salty taste.
thai salad
S2. Thai Salad
Romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts onions and ground peanuts served w/ house peanut sauce.
Spicy Curry w/ Rice or Noodle($11.95) choice of chicken or tofu
Dinner Entress
Choice od Chicken or Tofu
(beef add $2 and shrimp add $3)
papaya salad
D1. Spicy Basil
onion, cabbage, carrot, eggplant, mushroom, bell pepper and basil
thai salad
D2. Ginger Chicken
ginger, onion, cabbage, carrot, zucchini, mushroom and green bean
thai salad
D3. Mix Vegetables
brocoli, carrot, cabbage, corn, onion, pea, eggplant, zucchini, mushroom
thai salad
D4. Pineapple Cashew
brocoli, zucchini, carrot and topped w/ salted cashews
papaya salad
D5. Chicken Rimrod
coconut chicken drizzled w. sweet & sour basu sauce and vegetables
papaya salad
D6. Thai Peper Steak
marinated beef w/ bell peper onion and mushroom
papaya salad
D7. Beef Loc Lak
marinated beef, onion, bed of romaine lettuce garlic pepper lime and teriyaki ginger sauce
Fried Rice and Noodle
papaya salad
D8. Thai Fried Rice
onion, carrot, broccoli, corn and pea
thai salad
D9. Cambodian Fried Rice
Cambodian sausage, onion, carrot, pea, broccoli, bean sprout
thai salad
D10. Pad Thai
Thai noodle , onion, cabbage, carrot, bean sprout, crushed peanut and lime
thai salad
D11. Udon
stir fried Japanese noodle, squash, onion, cabbage, carrot and light soy
papaya salad
D12. Shrimp Pineapple Fried Rice
onion, pea, carrot, broccolo, bean sprout, pineapple and Cambodian sausage
papaya salad
D13. Red Curry
bamboo, green bean, bell pepper, eggplant and basil
papaya salad
D14. Green Curry
bamboo, green bean, bell pepper and basil
Lunch Special
Choice of Chicken of Tofu
beef add $2, shrimp add $3
Red or green curry noodle
L1. Red or Green Curry Noodle
Bamboo, greenbean, bell pepper, eggplant served w/ rice or noodle
Pad Thai
L2. Pad Thai
Thai noodle, onion, egg, carrot, lime cabbge, bean sprout, pranut and P Thai sauce
Thai fried rice
L3. Thai Fried Rice
Jasmine rice + onions + egg + corn + carrots + broccoli and green bean
L4. cambodian Fried Rice
onion, pea, broccoli, carrot, Cambodian sausage and bean sprout
L5. Udon Noodles
Japanese noodle w/zucchini, squash, onions, cabbage and carrots
Smoothies Boba
Smoothies Boba
Thai Tea
Green Tea
Green Apple
B1. Soft Drink
B2. Hot Tea (Green jasmine tea)
B3. Vietnamese Ice or Hot Coffee
with Condensed Milk
B4. Fresh Lemonade
bottle Water
B5. Bottle Water
Lg: 3$